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MAHAMS - About Us
M.A.H.A.M.S. is a non-profit organization that has been incorporated for over forty years with a single objective. We strive to constantly improve the delivery of maintenance services to over two hundred fifty (250) Local Housing Authorities across the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, by providing training to maintenance personnel. The second highest expenditure in every Housing Authority's Annual Budget is the cost to provide maintenance services. We firmly believe that a well trained maintenance staff is one key way that Housing Authorities can meet the demanding obligation of properly maintaining their current housing portfolio.

We are pleased to announce the following events for 2024.  Please save the dates!

One Day Shirtsleeve Clinic May 15, 2024 TBD

MAHAMS Annual Meeting to be held at Tuck's Point, June 14, 2024.

MAHAMS Annual Conference and Trade Show in Hyannis, October 20-23, 2024.

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